Lady and the Lens

Get to Know our Partner in Photography – Desiree

Choose a Row has partnered up with Desiree Dales Photography, two mamas, working together to create beautiful content for you.

When I first met Desiree, I just knew right away that I would love working with her. Many of you would not know, but I have worked on countless photo shoots over the years as part of my day job. Each photographer you work with has their own way of working, their style and client ethic.

When someone takes your photo it is personal, you put your trust into the hands of another to capture a special moment, from daily life, your wedding day, pregnancy or new born. Therefore it is best to work with someone who fully understands and gives 100% to everything they do. Desiree is one of those special people, that when she walks into a room the mood is instantly lifted, and she makes you feel at ease, like you are working with a sunbeam (a bit gushy I know – but totally true).

My boy and I in CT

Thanks Desiree for taking this journey with me – I will still be taking majority of my photos for my blog and social media, those done by Desiree will be tagged.

Please take some time to get to know Desiree:

If your friends had to describe you, what would they say?

This was a super hard question to answer so I threw it out to some of my actual friends to answer…and now I really have to buy them better birthday prezzies…

Friend 1:  You do everything wholeheartedly. You love with all you have; you dream without abandon and you always hope for a better tomorrow. You’re fierce in your commitment to those you love and the things you believe in. And there’s also no one I would rather share a glass of wine with.

Friend 2: Generous, kind, selfless, beautiful – inside and out, a very precious soul, a wonderful mom and friend.

Friend 3: A complete breath of fresh air in a world of mediocrity. Your love for your family and friends is fierce (Shewy…this fierce nature of mine is coming through strong! 🙂 and humbling at the same time. To spend time with you never feels like wasted time! Your friendship is incredibly real and I could not imagine life without you!

 Photography is your passion; how did you decide to make it a career?

I’m a teacher by trade and as much as I love teaching little people and the immense rewards of that job, I really wanted to stretch myself and be a little more creative. Photography is so much fun and frustrating at times but I love the challenges that sometimes come with it and the possibility of a beautiful, unique shot.

Are you a Nikon or Canon Kinda girl and why?

With second shooting, I’ve used both but my preferred choice is a Nikon. I liked how it looked when I was buying and thought it felt sturdier!

 If you could only photograph one subject, what would it be?

Shewy – that’s a hard one! I love brides on their Wedding day – they ooze a quiet confidence on the day.

Love a little flower crown!.JPG

Where/what is your dream location to shoot?

Italy looks pretty amazing! I would love to shoot there one day!

Have you got any tips on how to best photograph young children?

So kiddees are often a conundrum. Sometimes they love you, sometimes they don’t. I think once you have confidence in your own ability and style – and know which shots you’re trying to get – kids feel more comfortable. On my last style shoot I said hello to a little girl and she threw her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek.

This little poppet at her first birthday!

Also – I try to get them to just be kids – run/climb, throw that stick…etc.! LIMIT THE PROPS! The number of toddlers who were miserable because of a beautiful but tight/itchy headband! And once we “lost” it, the difference in the happiness of said child!

Judah Zion - Gorgeous boy!

You are a mom and have your photography business, how do you balance the two, as photography can be very time consuming?

It is super busy! I have an incredible husband who is the most Hands-on Dad – and could not do it without him. He loves that I love photography and only sometimes grumbles if I have loads of shoots on a weekend. (Although he loves the one-on-one time with our children)

Some fun questions:

What was your favourite subject at school?

EEEK?? Drama? Lots of chatting with friends during “Play Practise”.

Did you have a favourite toy when little?

I had a Rupert The Bear teddy which I simply loved. A granny had knitted him in the exact outfit he wears in the books and I adored him.

Were you a play outside or doll house or days type of girl?

Probably a girly girl who liked to play outside. Riding bikes/swimming rolling down our hill. But don’t bring a bug near me!

What did you want to be when you grew up and how different is it to what you do now?

I wanted to be a social worker to help kids in tricky situations. I’m really glad I didn’t become one! My Dad was right – my heart would not have coped with it and I probably would have tried to adopt every child I met! It is not a job for the feint hearted. So it’s far from what I do now – although in my lessons, it often turns to a counselling session and I love that children can open up to me and can chat about what’s bothering them.

The decor at this party was amazing!

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