Girls don’t just watch Romcoms

We all know those typical stereotypes... girls like romantic comedies and guys like action packed films? Feel like a square peg in a round hole? We all fall into that trap of placing each other in boxes. Well I challenge those preconceived conceptions. Growing up, I loved watching the old school action movies. I never [...]

You are a Star – BB Squares Sandwich

I was challenged by the team at BB Squares to participate in their #BBSquareOff - where we would be sent mystery ingredients and have to make a lunch box creation. I will be competing against a 2 other bloggers and one myself participant. Visit their Facebook page to find out more So here is [...]

Mama Mammaries – My Milk My Way…

Whoever said don't cry over spilt milk never did the following: - pump breast milk and then have it fall over - forget to pump and have none to give - have to little that it becomes a hack - have too much and you feel like a diary queen - leak all over your [...]